Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate
Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonateKiln

Responsible extraction and processing

The company's limestone operations are centred on our Brassington Moor quarry in Derbyshire, although we also produce dolomite aggregates and granules at our quarry at Ryder Point, Derbyshire.

From natural block limestone to ground calcium carbonates (GCC)

The quality of the base limestone deposits at Longcliffe are typically 99.5% pure calcium carbonate. This purity combined with sophisticated production techniques enables us to offer an unusually broad range of products – over 100 in all, from large natural block to granules for use in manufacturing processes which demand very high levels of purity, such as glass-making, and fine talc-like powders for applications such as rubber and carpet-backing.

Extraction and processing operations

Firstly the rock face at the quarry has to be drilled and blasted to produce stone feedstock. This is taken to the plant where it undergoes a variety of processes including crushing, drying, milling, screening and classification to produce a wide range of high quality aggregates, granules and fine powders (also known as ground calcium carbonates or GCC). Continuous re-processing of any by-products any ensures waste from our operations is eliminated.

Management and sustainability

No mineral extraction processes can be described as fully sustainable and the life of a quarry is ultimately finite. However with strict management, planning and investment, Longcliffe have managed a finite resource in a sustainable way. Longcliffe's progress towards achieving a high level of sustainablity within its operations has been recognised by certification to international environmental (ISO 14001) and energy management (ISO 50001) standards.

Foresight, planning and investment

Plant and machinery is constantly being upgraded. We pursue an active and substantial re-investment programme in all areas. Automation and computerised controls operate at all stages of the production process. All plant is monitored by computer to identify potential problems before they occur. If a problem is identified the system automatically closes down.

Longcliffe have secured reserves to enable us to continuing supplying high purity limestone and calcium carbonates well beyond the foreseeable future.

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