Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate
Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate

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A–Z Glossary of Limestone Terms

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Absorption is the assimilation of molecules, or other particles, into the physical structure of a liquid or solid, without chemical reaction.

Primary aggregate can be defined as fine, granular or lump stone produced from crushed rock. It may be classified according to itís geology and source, for example limestone or granite and particle size. Physical properties such as hardness and size classification, and sometimes chemical properties determine suitability for end use. It may be incorporated in the construction of buildings, civil engineering projects and production of concrete or simply laid as decorative product.

Agricultural hydrate
Agricultural hydrate is a relatively coarse, unrefined form of hydrated lime, used mainly for adjusting the acidity of soils.

Agricultural lime
Agricultural lime is a term used for limestone, dolomitic limestone, quicklime or hydrated lime products that are applied to soil in order to neutralise soil acidity and increase yield. In addition, the essential mineral for plant growth calcium and in the case of dolomite, calcium and magnesium, are released into the soil structure.

Aluminous cement
Aluminous cement consists predominantly of calcium aluminate.

Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen and mineral matter, which may be natural or manufactured.

Architectural stone
Highly finished limestone blocks and polished panels used as a decorative building material by architects and builders

Adhesives & sealants
Limestone is an important component of ceramic tile adhesives (CTAís), grouts and joint fillers

Animal and pet feeds
Calcium carbonate is the major source of calcium, essential for healthy teeth and bones, in dietary supplements and also acts as an essential gastric antacid. It is widely used component of poultry, pig, equine and dairy rations in addition to domestic pet food.

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