Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate
Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate


Few people realise the importance of Longcliffe calcium carbonates in their day to day lives. Many common household products contain our products in one form or another -- from the adhesive holding up the bathroom tiles to the plaster on the walls; from the tiles on the roof to the carpets on the floor; from the glass in the windows to the jars in the larder.

Longcliffe calcium carbonates are essential to the conservation of our natural environment, by nurturing agricultural land and maintaining its fertility and even purifying sulphur emissions from power stations.

Major applications for Longcliffe products

  • Agriculture – Agricultural liming & fertilisers; Animal and pet feeds; Farming; Horticulture

  • Building Products – Adhesives and sealants; Asphalts; Plasters, paints and textured finishes

  • Construction – Architectural stone for building blocks, panels and floors; Concrete and pre-cast concrete products; Roads and civil engineering projects

  • Environment – Flue gas desulphurisation; Water & waste treatment; Reducing acidity in soil, rivers and lakes; Gabions for erosion prevention

  • Glass & Ceramics – Container glass; Flat glass; Ceramics

  • Landscaping – Gardens, rockeries & water features; Steps, pathways and driveways; Traditional dry stone walls

  • Plastics & Rubber – Carpet-backing; PVC & plastisols; Rubber; Thermosets

As one of the largest and most efficient UK producers of high-purity limestone, Longcliffe's calcium carbonates are among the most important and versatile materials used by industry today.

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