Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate
Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate


Major landscaping uses of our limestone aggregates and stone include: Traditional dry stone walling; Steps, pathways and driveways and Gardens, rockeries & water features

dry stone walling

Traditional dry stone walling

Longcliffe supplies random screened stone used in the construction of traditional dry stone walls. The stone is a naturally occurring carboniferous limestone which is then screened to around 100mm-400mm. White/grey in colour with brown flecks this material can feature in any walling, pitching, gabion or rockery project.

The Carsington Water Visitors Centre in Derbyshire is one of many major projects to have used our random walling stone.

Steps, pathways and driveways

Longcliffe produces a range of decorative aggregates based on graded white/grey carboniferous limestone or buff/brown Golconda dolomitic limestone. These decorative aggregates can be used to enhance any landscaping project such as paths, driveways or car parks to produce a durable, low maintenance surface.

We also produce a special, Golconda self-binding, foot path gravel suitable for cycling ways and footpaths, driveways and car parks. Some of the major projects that have benefited from using Golconda 10mm-dust include Calke Abbey Derbyshire, Wakehurst Place, West Sussex and Rufford Country Park, Nottinghamshire.

Gardens, rockeries & water features

Typical landscape applications of our Derbyshire limestone and Golconda dolomitic limestone include hand-picked, stone centre pieces and random screened stone for gardens, golf-courses, rockeries and water features.

Our crushed limestone is also used as a mulch along walk ways, flower beds, and waterscapes to minimise weed growth and soil erosion, while keeping the soil moist for plants. Although low-maintenance landscaping options are many and varied, crushed stone delivers the highest value over the longest period of time.

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