Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate
Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate

Energy Management

Good energy management promotes climate protection, helps conserve resources and makes good economic sense. Longcliffe has set targets for the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions and we aim to reduce our use of fossil fuels in our operations (primarily production and transport) through energy efficiency and seeking alternative, renewable energy sources.

Energy Efficiency

The energy we use in the processing of our limestone and dolomite products is the largest contributor to our overall carbon footprint making it a key priority in our environmental agenda. We are constantly upgrading plant and machinery and energy efficiency is a key consideration in our planning planning and investment programme. Our certification to the ISO 50001 standard for energy management forms part of our Integrated Management System (IMS) and recognises that we have a robust system to manage our energy and help us reduce our energy consumption.

Renewable Energy

Energy efficiency though important can only achieve so much and the fact is Longciffe will remain a large energy consumer. Our quarries at Brassington Moor and Ryder Point consume approximately 3.5m of energy p.a. and it is becoming increasingly clear that the company's long term future depends on it generating its own energy. To this end we have developed a renewable energy plan that aims to install a total of two wind turbines at our production sites as well as a 3MW solar park at our Curzon Lodge transport depot. For more information see our Renewable Energy Plan.

Transport Sustainability

Longcliffe is totally committed to investing and maintaining a modern, transport fleet that meets, and often exceeds, relevant industry regulations (e.g. TASCC) and emissions standards. We also use GPS tracking and management systems to optimise fleet efficiency, safety and fuel consumption demonstrating our committment to operating our distribution network in the most sustainable way possible.

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