Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate
Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate

Social Responsibility

Safety & Health

The safety, health and welfare of our employees, contractors and those around us are of paramount importance. Our aim is to operate a zero harm culture through continuous improvement and reinforcement of the highest standards of safety and health for employees, contractors and site visitors.

We are certified to the British Aggregates Association Safe Quarry Scheme, an independently audited safe site certification scheme to ensure that workers are competent and that we have met or exceeded the legal requirements of the Quarry Regulations 1999. It is also our intention to gain OHSAS 18001 certification, the international management standard for occupational health and safety, during 2016.

Our People

Our people are the key to our long-term commercial success. We aim to be an employer of choice in our local community and provide a great place to work. With this in mind we are committed to developing a supportive and respectful culture within the workplace.

We provide a range of training opportunities to develop our people's skills, actively support self-development and continuous professional development and use staff mentoring and coaching to promote ‘learning while working’.

In addition we actively encourage employee's wellbeing through initatives such as our subsidised membership of Derbyshire Dale District Leisure Centres available to all staff.

Community Involvement

For many years we have recognised our responsibilities to the people and environment in Derbyshire where we operate.

We always strive to be a good neighbour and our substantial investment in environmentally-friendly measures will ensure a lasting legacy for the benefit of the future generations.

The fact that the vast majority of our 150 or so employees live in the local area has fostered strong ties between the company and the local communitiy. Besides employment, directly and indirectly, we provide a range of economic and other benefits to the area. The company often hosts visits by local primary and secondary schools, and is a regular venue for student groups studying geology, chemistry and environmental science from nearby Universities.

Engagement with Governmental & Regulatory Bodies

As a responsible business we seek to be an active participant in the development of public policies that affect our company and the communities that we serve. To this end we work closely with the EU and UK Governments, regulators, trade bodies and others in the calcium carbonate, aggregates and mineral sectors.

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