Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate
Limestone rock - a source of high purity calcium carbonate

Limestone Uses Chart

The Processing and Uses of Limestone Chart

Our 'Processing and Major Uses of Limestone' chart gives an introduction to the major uses of limestone suitable for educational purposes.

Download our Limestone Uses Chart

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Overview of the construction products industry.

A material of a thousand uses

A Glossary of limestone applications

Few people realise the importance of Calcium Carbonate in their day to day lives. Almost every common household product contains the material in one form or another -- from pills and toothpaste to the adhesive holding up the bathroom tiles; from the tiles on the roof to the carpets on the floor; from the glass in the windows to the jars in the larder.

The calcium carbonate added to the land and to animal feeds finds its way through the food chain to the bones in our bodies. Its properties as a neutraliser and purifier are essential to the conservation of our natural environment, by nurturing agricultural land and maintaining its fertility.

Its benefits are immeasurable: among others, it balances acidity in the soil, improves drainage and aeration to increase crop yields, and purifies sulphur emissions from power stations.

This list shows some of the common uses for limestone.

Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC)

Uses of ground calcium carbonates

Fine/Ultrafine Ground

Adhesives & Sealants
Antacids (digestion)
Food & Drink
Household Products
Paint & Inks
Personal Care Products
Plasters/Textured Finishes

Coarse/Medium Ground

Agricultural liming
Animal & Pet Feeds
Asphalt Filler
Precast Concrete
PVC Floor Tiles
Self-compacting Concrete (SCC)
Shower Trays
Waste & Water Treatment

Limestone Aggregates

Uses of limeston aggregates

Construction Aggregates

Drainage & Pitching
Pipe Bedding
Road Construction
Roof Chippings

Chemical Stone

Cement Manufacture
Chemical Production
Flue Gas Desulphurisation
Glass Manufacture
Iron & Steel Production

Lime (burnt lime)

Aerated Concrete Blocks
Calcium Silicate Bricks
Chemical Manufacture
Contaminated Land
Effluent Treatment
Flue Gas Desulphurisation

Iron & Steel Production
Lime Mortars
Motor Oil Additives
Water Treatment

For further information download 'The Processing and Major Uses of Limestone' chart which also contains more detailed description of some of the major applications of limestone.

Download our Limestone Uses Chart

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